- It is well known that compressor efficiency

plays a vital role in the overall operation and reliability of a powerplant.

As compressors get dirty, power output is reduced and fuel consumption increases.

Even small performance losses result in a significant negative impact on the powerplant efficiency.

The maintenance of clean compressors must be an integral part in the operation of any powerplant.

Compressor degradation is very site specific depending on location, environment and type of operational requirements, but all gas turbine compressors require cleaning at some point.

Our cleaning concept

The Monsun is an all aluminium washing unit with two integral tanks for water and cleaning agent. Built in heaters enables rapid heating of the fluids and there is a selection of pumps to fit different types of engines.

A standard radiocontrol for remote operation from cockpit makes it possible to work alone during the washing session.

The unit can be connected to any spray manifold supplied by the aircraft manufacturer and a built in air compressor enables operation of valves or other equipment that require compressed air.


CE-marked and complying with IATA basic GSE requirements our products includes all design and safety features for a safe and reliable operation.


The unit is plugged in and started with a push of a button.


Motors, heaters and other components can be altered or modified to comply with electrical standards around the world.