- US Coast Guard has seen a five-fold decrease in avionic failures when using limited dehumidification on their HU-25 aircrafts.


- Swedish Defence Material Administration estimates a saving of

100 000 USD per 2300 flighthours when evaluating fighter-aircraft dehumidification.

By far, the most prevalent source of corrosion stems from the inherent moisture found in the air.


This natural, but unavoidable, humidity catalyzes the corrosion process, acting as an electrolyte between alloys, suspending corrosion inducing ions or serving as the site for the electrochemical process.


Current efforts to mitigate corrosion revolve around protecting the substrate from the environment, for example with the use of coatings and barriers.

Salmek develops and manufactures compact and efficient solutions to reduce these problems.

Our dehumidification concept

Our Mistral is based on a dehumidifier using a stationary absorbing core saving up to 35% energy and makes it very reliable.
Built in heater provides warm air to increase evaporation. Packed in a heavy duty aluminium casing it will live thru rough outdoor operation.

We can also supply adapters for several applications.

Typical applications

  • SAAB 2000
  • SAAB 340
  • ATR 42/72
  • King Air
  • Cessna Citation
  • Helicopters



CE-marked and complying with IATA basic GSE requirements our products includes all design and safety features for a safe and reliable operation.

An optional GSM control enables remote operation from a standard cellphone, status and alerts are sent back to ensure that the unit is operating as required.

Other options available to customize the unit are hoses, adapters etc.

Low weight and compact design makes it well suited for transportation during occational charter fligths or as permanent ground support equipment in multiple mission aircrafts.